The CB Passive Income Review

Review of ‘CB Passive Income Licence Program’ V4

The CP Passive Income product is created by Internet Marketer Patric Chan. This affiliate marketing system has been on the ClickBank market for a number of years and its latest release for 2017 has been launched as a complete licenced program with its own products that a member of the program promotes and is paid a commission. The ‘CB Passive Income Licence Program‘  fee is paid on a recurring monthly basis of $47 per month. Below is a complete review of what this monthly subscription entails and if its going to be worth the investment as an online business.

What is the CB Passive Income 4.0?

Essentially the CB Passive Income Licence Program 4.0 (2017) is a fully automated sales funnel.  The lead capture page (squeeze page) and lead magnet (eBook) is all set up for you. With version 4 (2017) you get the capture page optimised for mobile devices. Follow up emails have been set up ready to go so once you have leads under your list in the system. CB Passive Income system does the work for you – which is basically selling the program’s products (which is done by sending subscribers to offers with your affiliate links which are cloned sales pages of the system’s products)  and making you commissions for every sale. All you need to worry about is driving traffic to the lead capture pages which the program tells you how to do (via free and paid advertising sources).

The following review is a brief summary on exactly you get for your monthly subscription – which includes how the system is built.

What Do You Get In The CB Passive Income?

The ‘CB Passive Income 4.0‘  system consists of 2 parts.

So the first part is the complete sales funnel set up for you with lead capture page and all your affiliate ID tracking codes within the landing pages and ebook so that you get paid commissions on sales generated by your personalised cloned sales funnel system. So everything is automated in this part, auto-responder is already is set up for you.

The 2nd part is the training. This part focuses on getting traffic to your lead capture pages from the major sources that work to get traffic. Training is video based along with downloadable guides for social media and paid advertising. Included in the training is free support and updates to content.

1. The system:

As mentioned previously, you get an automated lead capture with sales funnel set up ready for you to drive traffic to it:

  1. Lead Capture (Squeeze) Page (Mobile Optimized)
  2. Lead magnet (which is downloaded after sign-up) It’s an eBook titled ‘Operation Quick Money’.
  3. Automated follow-up autoresponder email monetized series
  4. ‘Secret’ Cloned webpages – personalised with your affiliate link and controlled by a ‘back-office’ software system. Email subscribers are taken to these product sales pages in the follow-up series.

In a nutshell, here is how the system works:

Step 1 – Once you’ve logged in to the system, you are presented with landing page or dashboard. This is where you fill in your details (name, email and affiliate ID) and submit them to the system. The system sets up the ‘cash machine’ (or the lead capture squeeze page) which has your own personalised details with your ClickBank affiliate ID

Step 2 – Send traffic to this squeeze page using the traffic methods explained in the course. The system adds each visitor to a list after they opt-in for the free download eBook.

Step 3 – This is  the step where the system goes to work for you to make commissions and why its called passive income. What it does is send emails (to those signed up to the list from the lead capture page) via the system’s auto-responder which promotes his product/s with YOUR affiliate ID in the links in the emails. Every time someone buys something on those links then you make a commission.

2. Training & Support

Training has step-by-step tutorials for getting started up in CB Passive Income system. You have full video training series on getting traffic.

The training is divided into these parts:

  1. Step-by-step getting started tutorial
  2. Social Media marketing tutorial
  3. Paid advertising guide

Support is free along with updates

Does CB Passive Income 4.0 come with bonuses?

Yes. You get 3 free special bonus packages with this product, which are instantly downloadable after purchase:

Bonus #1: Digital cover creator software – simple ‘point & click’ software that allows you create and download eCovers.

Bonus #2: Traffic from Google (home course) – In depth video training that tells you how to pick up traffic with on page SEO

Bonus #3: The Email Assassin (home course) – advanced email marketing tactics, strategies and techniques

New Launch (version 4) Bonuses:

New Launch Bonus #1: Accelerator Training – This is a 2 hour webinar streaming training that shows you how to get started, building your email list and how to get all set up for automated Clickbank commissions.

New Launch Bonus #2: Insider Training and Internet Marketing Tools – What you get here is a premium membership to the latest tools or software to help build your online business – this includes latest products in getting traffic to build your email lists. You get a new product to help your online business as part of this membership every 30 days until you cancel the subscription.

Any Upsells?

Yes. There is one major up-sell to this product:

Professional Level – You can get pro membership which allows you to build your own list rather than having those signing up under the squeeze page you promote go under Patric Chan. You also get advanced on-going training and updates in the latest ways to get more traffic to your lead capture page. You can upgrade to pro anytime after purchase.

Pros and Cons

Before you dive in and purchase the CB Passive Income System, consider these positives and negatives:

The Pros:

  • Everything is set up ready to go – you don’t have to spend any time messing around with squeeze pages, content, auto-responders, opt-in form or creating products. You are basically ‘piggy-backing’ off the hard work of Patric Chan’s product creation who does all the selling for you. The only thing you need to worry is driving traffic to your lead capture pages.
  • The training provided for getting started with this system and getting traffic to your squeeze pages is very comprehensive and very easy follow.
  • You don’t have to use this method for just getting traffic for leads to CB Passive Income, you can use it for getting people to buy your products or sign up to your own lists. It’s a valuable training resource while you collect commissions.

Any Cons?

The biggest concern (in particular newbies) will be the recurring price tag to access this product, which is at $47.00 USD per month. However you need to consider that you don’t have to worry about other monthly costs that are usually associated with keeping your squeeze pages, auto-responders and other sales pages up and running. Typical results for this product means you can get back the cost of the monthly cost multiple times over. Add to that you get updated training material every month then you can see the value of this recurring fee in order to use the system.

There is one negative to CB Passive Income 4.0 – which is the potential for saturation. Many marketers will be using this same system as its very easy to get up and running – you will be up against high volume of competition (the gravity rating on Clickbank indicates this too). The bright side of this is that a high competition means the product is working and is worth promoting.  The other good thing too is that the ‘Make Money Online’ niche is massive. Thousands of ‘newbies’ in online marketing flood the internet every day that will jump at a product exactly like this one. So there is every chance  your lead capture page is the one they’ll be landing on if you promote it frequently enough via the right channels.

Does CB Passive Income 4.0 actually make you money?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that you need to be patient and to make this happen. You can initially expect to get your monthly fee within the first week and I actually tripled that figure (the joining fee) within 7 days and I hadn’t even ramped up my promotion of the product.

The CB Passive Income 4.0 2017 system will definitely give you another great online income stream. You can expect good commissions of $1,500 and up to $3,000 per month depending how much time and effort you put into promoting the lead capture page using the traffic methods explained in the training (most of them are free traffic methods). In excess of 3,000 per month is possible IF you are willing to spend the extra in advertising sources of Partic Chan’s recommendations.

The CB Passive Income System also comes with a 30-Day money back ‘no questions asked’ guarantee. So there is no risk to you if you don’t see results.

Access CB Passive Income Here”

Newbie Traffic Formula Review

Course: ‘Newbie Traffic Formula’

This ‘get free traffic’ course  ‘Newbie Traffic Formula‘ is online video based  (comes with PDF) that was released last week on Warrior Plus marketplace by Art Flair with case study provided by Tatiana Di Maio  and Stefan Ciancio. Art Flair has provided several highly successful IM courses on Warrior Plus in the past on getting traffic and making money within the Fiverr platform. He is a very experienced internet marketer and coach.

What is Newbie Traffic Formula all about?

Essentially this online video course is about a get free traffic method for adding new subscribers to your email list/s. It reveals the use of a very well-known platform in order to get completely free laser-targeted traffic in the niche you marketing in.

I won’t reveal the traffic source as that would be totally unfair on the course providers. The course doesn’t involve any training or info on making money online techniques nor is it aligned to any scams.  The following review outlines on what exactly you get for your money within the members area- which includes how the course is structured along with the main positives and the negatives in trying to learn understanding the course, I’ll provide you a final view about if I think it will actually work based on my experience using any similar methods.

What Do You Get In The Course?

When you first log in to the members area, you are taken to a landing page ‘Training Area‘ that is basically an index page of the entire package divided up into 5 parts. So firstly you’ll have a registration link to new members LIVE training (which is like an induction walk-through plus a Q&A session). Then you a download link to the PDF version of the course. Thirdly the main video training split up into nine parts along with a bonus case study video. The fourth part s bonus traffic video training presented by Flair (in 4 individual videos) along with a another bonus free course link ‘Rapid Traffic Masterclass‘.

At the very end of the page there are links to buy the other OTOs that were presented during the purchase/checkout steps.

Main Course: The training manual (PDF):

This download is a 32-page document in PDF format which covers everything in the 9 part video training. It also has a checklist at the end which summarizes the entire teachings and process – all in a 1 page action steps that anyone can follow easily. It also includes a bonus resource link to a browser plugin that is for keep you motivated and focused on reaching your list building goals. It’s a quite a good tool for doing this. I’ve found the course PDF download is very handy in revising the teachings and scrolling through info when you need it rather than having to watch all the videos over again).

Main Course: Video Training Online:

The 10 part video training series is presented by Tatiana along with a case study bonus video presented by Flair showing how he generated $300 commissions with roughly 3 minutes work.

The video training is divided into 10 parts as follows:

  1. Welcome video – (0:46 mins)
  2. Course Introduction – (1:12 min)
  3. Formula Overview – (0:46 min)
  4. Tools – (6:40 min)
  5. The Formula – Part 1 – (1:51 min)
  6. The Formula Part 2 – (9:28 min)
  7. Setting up – Step by Step (2:51 min)
  8. Setting up – Step by Step (8:07 min)
  9. Results of Case study – (6:07 min)
  10. Bonus Case Study – Art Flair (5:24 min)

Bonus Material:

There is plenty of bonus information to supplement this course although its not really needed, it there and I believe is fantastic value considering the price of the entire is only around 10 bucks.

Bonus consists of 2 addition video courses delivered online and revolve around getting traffic:

Course 1. Provided by Art Flair consisting of 4 videos which he explain a method he uses in Facebook Groups to get more subscribers and sales via his FB pages.

Course 2.  A video course from Stefan Ciancio consisting of 4 modules that takes you through the A-to-Z of setting up and monetizing a blog and how to drive free traffic to it as rapidly as possible to it using Pinterest. He’s also included exclusive access to his Facebook mastermind group.

Any OTOs or Upsells?

Yes. There are 3 One Time Offers after you buy the main product:

OTO 1 – Advanced Traffic Training PLUS 3 additional Case Studies.

OTO 2 – A ‘Done-For-You’ package of offers, niches, swipes you can use with your free traffic.

OTO 3 – Art Flair’s Success Coaching. This is a private coaching group where Art and his business associates Stefan and Tatiana will help you reach your success goals.

Pros and Cons

Before you rush off and purchase this course, consider these plus and minuses to see if its the right fit for you in your marketing.

The Pros:

  • Easy to follow and structured – while the formula they use for free traffic is not that complicated, it’s always easier to absorb the information if it’s content is well organised.
  • The video training is short and straight to the point – no long winded half hour sessions trying to go through all the training. You can start using the method on the same day without too much trouble.
  • The free traffic method they use is actually quite fun and is far from tedious. You will get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
  • You don’t have to use this method for just getting traffic for leads, you can use it for getting people to buy your products or click on affiliate links at your site/s. Their is no limit to what you can use it for.
  • You don’t have to create ANY new content. You are basically ‘piggy-backing’ off the hard work of others – fully legitimate too.
  • Which leads me into… the fact there is nothing ‘black hat’ about this free traffic method, you aren’t doing anything that will violate any set terms & conditions or lead your accounts getting banned.

Ok, what are the Cons?

To be honest with you, there aren’t any real ‘cons’ (so to speak).. there is nothing I can see that suggests you need to do something that is totally spammy or ‘black hat’ in nature however there are some things to be aware of in this course:

You will need to dedicate time using this formula each day to make it effective, having said that its not that time-consuming nevertheless you’ll need around 15 to 30 minutes per session to set up the driving of free traffic to your site. It’s quite fun to use

The case study provided for the training is only based on 1 micro-niche (which is growing in popularity in recent times) so at this point in time, still hard for me to say if the technique will work as fast or effectively with highly saturated/competitive niches such as money online niches. However you can still use the method for any niche like the MMO (including sub-niches) as you are bound to pick up still quite a lot of  high quality free traffic  – even more so than paid traffic (especially cheap PPC banner traffic networks or exchanges). I can see 2 or 3 niches (outside the MMO niche) that I’m currently marketing that this formula will be PERFECT to use for. I will definitely update this review with my results as soon as I get them coming in.

My verdict for Newbie Traffic Formula

While the title of the course suggests another starter up course for ‘newbie’ group, this is far from the truth. Even I got new information out of it (such as choice of free plugins and the approach using the chosen platform) and I’m fairly experienced. What I like about it is that this course delivers on its promise for getting leads using this very well known free traffic source. This method is not going to cost you a cent in order to get subscribers. I can see that you could 20+ new leads per day to your lists using the method provided.

I’ve tried to do similar things in the past on the same platform but haven’t executed it correctly as I’ve come across as just another person who is trying to sell something. If you follow this technique (or formula) in the course you don’t have to worry about being too sales orientated or even trying to ‘bribe’ someone to join your list with hard-sell squeeze pages. This is because you are offering quality curated (or your own content) with valuable information upfront to your targeted audience straight off the bat.

This course is definitely give you another free traffic technique or ‘formula’ that you can add to your internet marketing toolbox and its definitely a great way for anyone new or with limited experience to hit the ground running in building their list without blowing hundreds of dollars in cheap click advertising that send you junk traffic.

The Newbie Traffic Formula also comes with a 14-Day money back ‘no questions asked’ guarantee. I can recommend for purchase and you can check it out now here: