ChatGPT Masterclass: Videos 1 to 10

#1: Introduction

    • Welcome to masterclass
    • Show how to operate the basics
    • Realize ChatGPT limitations
    • What we will do in this course

#2: Conversation Conventions

    • Notice conversations on the left menu
    • Experiencing ‘high demand’ messages
    • Saving work as you go
    • Starting on the sales presentation

#3: Google Talk To Books

    • Background information
    • Write in a semantic search term
    • Filtering information
    • Linking back to book or affiliate offers

#4: Workaround for Up-To-Date Stat Info

    • Retrieving statistical information
    • Write in a semantic search term
    • Visual charts
    • Niche based statistical tools

#5: Choosing a Sales Letter Framework

    • Best frameworks are for writing sales letters.
    • Ask the chatbot to list 10 frameworks.
    • Work with chosen framework in detail
    • Going to use other frameworks for some elements

#6: ChatGPT - Ask for Image Prompts

    • Image give personalization or give life to the sales presentation
    • Ask the chatbot what kind of images would compliment or appropriate.
    • Prompts for image creator

#7: Canva Text to Image for Sales Presentation

    • Working within Canva
    • Choose the text to image application.
    • Generating image and download

#8: Writing Headlines and Sub-Headlines

    • The best headlines you can useĀ 
    • Write 5 headlines.
    • Altering the text
    • Writing in different voices for final draft

#9: Writing Thank You Page Scripts

    • Using ChatGPT to help write the script
    • Including some additional elements
    • Set the prompts, more information gives better output
    • Getting rewrites with additional verbiage
    • Work with first draft to make adjustments ourselves

#10: Launch E-Mails to Customers

    • Best frameworks for writing sales emailsĀ 
    • Give as specific a prompt as we can give it.
    • As the chatbot to write an email selling the product
    • Not mentioning the price
    • Continue to keep a conversation about the same product

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