5 Advanced Tips For Better Results In Affiliate Marketing

If you are like me when it comes to doing affiliate marketing, then you know that its about making as much money as possible – just like operating any other business. Being an affiliate means creating residual income stream or a whole series of streams.  To make this reality you need to take massive action and work hard. There are other basic things you need to know of too, that I’m sure you heard all before such as doing solid research, using the right affiliate program etc. etc. But the following are advanced tips that I’ve used in my own efforts over the last few years that have really helped me succeed online.

Tip #1: Patience

Lack of patience for is the main reason newbies to online marketing (such as bloggers and business website owners) will give up on trying to make big money online doing affiliate marketing within the few month as they can’t see instant results or any money coming in.

Getting big commissions flowing in from ANY affiliate program is not going to be easy at first and could take you months for the really big pay days. This is why patience, is vitally important thing to put into practice right away because it’s rare to make a big money within days or even weeks. So its always best keep in mind that the affiliate marketing business is not a quick path to get rich scheme.

Tip #2: Making money requires you to spend

Even though there a plenty of free methods to start out in affiliate marketing (such as free traffic, free blog and other free tools) Being an affiliate is like any other business. To make a profit you have to spend. This one of the big keys to  generating a steady residual income. To get the money flowing in you’ll need to spend money. This includes at the start investing the bulk of your profit margins back into your business.

Buy all the products (or ask for review copies) that you are planning on promoting. Learn all you can about those products Understand the key pros and cons. This is what you need to communicate back to your potential customers – this is how you  sell anything appear genuine – base all the hard sell on your own experiences. So it goes without saying, if you don’t know the product(s) it’s going to be an uphill battle to make any money from it. This doesn’t mean going out and breaking the bank just spend enough so that you get the chance to know the product you want to promote.

Tip #3: Monetize ASAP

There is no real rule behind exactly when you should monetize – in fact sooner the better (but don’t overdo it initially).  So if you own a blog and you want to promote a product  you don’t have to sit back and wait before you starting to add banners or links on your blog.  A big mistake most newbies make. Start to sell products/services right from the start introducing them gradually throughout your blog. It’s actually more important that you show your readers your passion about the products you talk about as well as knowing it A to Z.  This is much better than waiting a specific time for selling – (note: this doesn’t mean you spam your subscribers every day with 4 or 5 emails with hard sells either).

Tip #4: Know your audience and speak their lingo

Part of your research once you’ve your product or niche is understand your potential buyers – you’ll need to know who they are, understanding your audience is vital for marketing to them. You’ll need to know what they like, where they live, their income, spending behaviour and even the language or lingo talk which allows you communicate to your marketing that so much easier. When you know your audience you make better decisions about what products to market to them.

Tip #5: Always be honest

Without a doubt, honesty is definitely the best policy when doing affiliate marketing. Being honest in your reviews of any product is going to help you get better results like I have. Always make a point of stating the pluses and minuses for every product you review or promote. It doesn’t need to be all listed in complex detail. Summarise it all into pros and cons. You’ll find that there is no product in existence that is flawless. You are going to find something that’s not quite right so point that out – your audience will appreciate your reviews as being genuine and telling them you’d like to see something different will definitely help in gaining trust that they should be buying from your affiliate links.

Wrapping up…

So you’ll find the above five advanced affiliate marketing tips will definitely help you as they’ve helped me in making affiliate marketing work for making GREAT money online. Always refer back to them when things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped, usually it means you aren’t following at least one them.