4 Main Steps To Making Money With Blogs

A women in a park blogging with her laptop to make money online

As you probably know, there are thousands of people online that are making good money by just blogging with personal website domain or just a free web 2.0 blog platform with some links going to products to earn affiliate commissions.

This is indeed is a proven way for just about anyone who knows a lot about something (such as a popular hobbies) or someone who has something interesting to say or enjoys writing, however its not exactly an easy thing to set it all up for making money, like some internet ‘gurus’ will tell you. It takes a bit of work and if go about it the wrong way in the process then you aren’t going to get to far.

On the flip-side, it’s not that hard IF you have a process to follow and don’t over-complicate things. This includes one the ultimate end goal of making money with your blog.

The Blog-For-Money Process in 4 Steps:

If you want to profit from just doing blogs then there is 4 major steps involved:

  1. Provide quality content to your readers – The goal is to create quality content that will generate traffic naturally (via search engines and virally via social media)  and then keep them coming back to build a loyal following in your chosen niche.
  2. Traffic – Get as many niche-targeted visitors to your blog as possible so you can build your subscriber list and get readers to click on your strategically placed ads or links to products.
  3. Build trust – Keep sending more quality content via your list which will build trust with your subscribers, while all the time you provide great VALUE.
  4. Sell products – Recommend and products (either your own paid products or as a affiliate) to your trusted subscribers you do this by integrating it with your own content and make the products you’re offering relevant to your own provided content in you niche.

So at first glance of the 4 steps, it this doesn’t appear to be that  complicated. Especially when you look at in this summarized form as a whole.  But when you begin to break it down there are things that go beyond most in trying to master and makes it hard to keep progressing through the process.

So just say for example, unless you are a skilled accomplished writer then making quality engaging content can be tough. That’s even if the person knows a lot about the ins and out about particular niche. They struggle to communicate it effectively in writing or make interesting.

Ok, so what is the solution to coming with high quality writing content?

There are 3 options you can do:

1. outsource it to someone how knows how to write post or articles and..

2. get the outsourced writer/s to edit whatever you write so its clear, concise and makes sense. Cleaning up your posts or articles could be the difference in getting 10 subscribers or pushing the back button on their browser.

So what I’m saying here is, you should hire others to do things that you aren’t that great at, and just about straight away the first step in the process is less daunting and easier. So where do you go to get the right people writing for you? Here some links to get you started finding to help you with getting quality content written for your blog:

3. Learn the art of creating great content – obviously the best choice if you can’t afford to outsource everything and it takes time to find a writer that suits your needs. Below are some of the best resource link articles that I personally use myself and refer to all the time:

The most difficult step most bloggers find is the actual SELLING…

The thing you need to do with selling anything on your blog is deciding on what to sell. If you happen to have already creating your very own product that relates to your blog then that’s perfect! You can start offering it to your subscribers after a few emails in your follow-up message sequence.

If you don’t have your own product, you can always decide to promote products as an affiliate within your niche and earn yourself very nice commissions. A blog that is monetized the right way (such as ad banner positioning) could earn 100 dollars per day without even 1 email sent to your list.  This is a great option if you aren’t interested in creating your own products (for whatever reason – eg. lack of funds or resources) but you still know your niche well and people are coming back to your blog to see what you think about a product or topic.

It’s unlikely you’ll make more profits than having your own product but you’ll find that commisions can be quite good (some bloggers make 6 figures per month just promoting affiliate based offers!). This is turn will give you the funding needed later on to outsource and create your own products. A lot of bloggers also make good money via providing advertising space (which will happen after getting lots of visitors per day), or you can even just focus on CPA offers.

All of these type offers can be displayed via ad banners as well as text advertising that you can place in optimal positions for maximum clicks on your blog’s posts or pages. While this not the highest in revenue streams you can do, it’s still the single most passive income stream you can get and it’s very simple/quick way to get going on your blog.

You’ll find that quite often online advertisers will contact you with a great offer for getting specialized advertising for their products or services. This will happen frequently the more presecence and authority you have in a niche along with search engines.

Keep in mind that whatever path you choose to make money with your blog, you still need to remember one very important thing…

Having your own blog to make money is going to be no different to running a business (which is also about making money for a profit after running costs).

So you’ll still need to be committed and keep dedicating a lot of time, resources, money and hard work into it for it to be a success. You’ll find that there is going to be no shortcuts or easy path to blogging for money online.

In Summary

Focus your efforts initially on steps 1 to 3 which is publishing great quality content that has great free value to your readers and subscribers while building trust and putting high priority into building a list.

You’ll find that once you’ve got all those steps in place then doing the selling part is going to be much easier for you!