7 Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

Ever thought of becoming a digital nomad? What is a digital nomad anyway?

By definition:

Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely—generally from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces and even recreational vehicles—to accomplish tasks and goals that traditionally took place in a single, stationary workplace.

Source: Wikipedia – Digital Nomad

So in a nutshell…this is someone who works to  make their living being online (i.e. in the digital space), which thereby gives them the advantage and therefore freedom to travel the world and while work from anywhere they choose (usually for not that long per day) whether that is a coffee shop or a bar on the beach.

If you happen to be still undecided about living this fantastic lifestyle, then hopefully these 7 benefits will help you to make your mind up and take it on!

The 7 benefits of a free working Digital Nomad:

#1 – You’ll see the world

Obvious this is the biggest benefit of being a digital nomad, you have the freedon to see the world and travel afar.  There is so much out there to do or wonderful to see, knowing that – why would you want to be just restricted to being in one city, town or country?

#2 You’ll find yourself are more worldly person

When you start to travel you’ll begin to notice something… you start become a better and more interesting person. That’s something travel does – it opens your mind to the world to outside your own domain and which helps you to know your place in the world that much better. People will also enjoy more talking to you and be impressed by how well you know about different cultures as well as the different experiences!

#3 You become wiser

You also learn a lot when traveling and not only just that – you learn to be more courageous and more independent. This will improve every aspect of your life (both work and socially) when you return back to your own country!

#4. Experience true freedom

They say in most western democratic countries, that we were born to be free and make our own decisions, yet many of us feel trapped in world bounded by responsibilities or other work commitments within one geographic location. Can you imagine for a second just what it feels like to be totally free and have the liberal feeling to get up and go anywhere you choose or like to go? Don’t you think this is his something that you’d like to exeperience  least experience at least once in your working lifetime?

#5. You’ll be impressing a lot of people

Look, we shouldn’t do things just to impress other people. But the reaction you’ll get as a digital nomad is truely amazing. People admire that you have taken the initiative to not only start your own online business but the fact you’ve also to take it on the road and see the world at the same time. It’s inspiring and the sense of pride that comes from that is well-deserved and a great feeling!

#6. You meet the most amazing people

When you travel, there is an incredible sense of camaraderie and youíll find that you meet some amazing people and make life-long friends. It’s an amazing feeling and definitely worth the trip!

#7. You’ll have the best online social account photos

Ok, I guess this isn’t the best or  primary motivation to start traveling. But it sure is a really cool benefit! Be prepared for your Facebook to be full of likes, shares, comments and just total awesomeness. And you’ll have plenty of amazing photos to look back on too 🙂

So there you have it. Being digital nomad has amazing benefits. To learn about reaching your freedom in 7 steps get a copy of my FREE report below by signing up to my email updates.