6 Great Ways To Make Money With PLR

If your hard drive looks anything like mine, chances are that you have a massive  amount of PLR (Private Label Rights) content sitting on it. But unlike me, you’re probably not doing anything with any of it! Ok so now I  bet you are thinking –  ‘so what? No one makes money with PLR anyway right?


There is a ton of money you’re missing out on with PLR. This is a sad fact amongst most marketers – they don’t ever use the PLR they’ve been collecting to make a profit. The big problem is that a lot of those new to marketing don’t fully understand to execute it properly to use in their online business and make money with it.

So today I’m going to show you my 6 main ways that I use the PLR content that I’ve downloaded to help me make great money online.

1. Make Your Own YouTube Videos

By using Prezi, Slides, Powerpoint or any other mainstream presentation online site, it’s very simple to copy any PLR on a specific topic and convert it over into highly engaging videos.

Then all you need to do is drop in a voiceover, upload and publish to your Youtube channel. You can then use some very simple ways to drive free traffic to your youtube video, (which will be highly targeted traffic if you’ve set up the description the right way) and then in turn you’ll get free clicks back to your site or landing pages.

2. Create your own hot-selling branded products

Combine PLR from multiple sources to produce a high-quality/value-packed course, ebook, video series, webinar or anything else that you can think of.

Creating products is a lot easier than you think, and can generate never-ending streams of passive income.

3. Plug them into your autoresponder email follow-up series

It’s VERY easy to divide up PLR content into chunks of  easy  and enjoyable to read, short and informative messages to mail out to your subscribers. Usually 1 or 2 per day. (usually 1 is fine).

All you need to do is really focus on delivering quality in your emails while keeping each of those emails very short (try to keep it around 300 to 500 words depending on what your’e talking about). It’s important you tweak the content where its needed so that it reflects your own personal style that represents your own voice.

4.  Make bonus packages to paid products

We all know as marketers we love bonuses. It usually means the difference to getting someone to buy through your affiliate link or someone else and in many case in can be the deal sealer to buy your premium product/s. It’s very easy to re-package or bundle a series of PLR products to make very attractive bonus deals. This makes it hard for your buyers or subscribers to resist not buying things via you (usually sooner rather than later)..

Even better, if you throw in special unannounced bonuses for a purchased product at the actual download page.

As they say the sky really IS the limit !!

5. Use as great viral giveaway reports

This is well-known practice amongst list builders that’s really simple and effective – which goes something like this …

1. Using 1 or multiple PLR products, make a concise ebook short report (around 15 pages) about a popular topic that offers a solution. Then re-brand it so it matches you or your own blog or site.

B.  Set up a landing page on your site that has an list opt-in form to access to the short-report

C. Then promote the crap out of the report squeeze page on social media channels, Facebook groups, forums and other sources like YouTube video. Encourage others to do the same.

C. Done. You’ll now have more subscribers on your list (or should).

What you’re also doing is building a ton of authority along with brand awareness of you within the niche you are targeting. The free traffic comes in virally for many months after the first big push to get the free report known out there.

6. Great for using as membership site content

Membership site or site accessed based on monthly subscriptions,  is one of the ultimate ways to building long-term recurring passive income.

You need to keep in mind that providing your subscribers a TON of value will help you in retaining your membership base as the high value will justify the on-going subscription cost for your subscribers..

PLR easily gives you all the source content that you’ll ever need in your niche. Just utilise it straight way!

So using these 6 ways like I do, you can see how easy it is to get PLR sitting collecting dust on your PC drive can really work for you to make you money.

So no excuses get to work with that PLR now! 🙂