How To Deal With Information Overload

Yes, it does happen to us all at some point – information overload. It’s something we as internet marketers have to deal with and trying to overcome it can be very hard. This is especially the case for newbies who are very keen to jump head first in learning 10 things at the same time but end up being overwhelmed with it all.

There is a ton of information that you need to know when developing an internet business, and usually a newbie will give up when they find it all too hard to absorb and then overcome the shear volume of the information that are trying read, practice and get it all working for making money online.

Information overload defined

Information overload is when you are reading and learning a whole lot of new things (and includes researching, practicing your new knowledge) but then end up only to find yourself mentally fatigued and confused with being swamped with so much information.

How do you overcome information overload?

Overcoming information overload isn’t not all that difficult, but it can still take some time in order to finally beat the confusion and all the complications of learning too much in a short time.

Learn one thing at a time:

The best way to overcome the trap of overloading yourself with information is to take it all in one by one. This takes out that confusing state of mind by trying to learn it all at once. Don’t confuse yourself or burn so much mental energy by trying to learning it all at once.

You should also stop yourself from trying to follow multiple methods (unless of course you are an experienced marketer and know how to integrate new things into your current practice of doing things). Those fairly new to internet marketing should avoid using different methods at the same time and follow only one until you’ve mastered it and can see results.

This applies too for skipping steps in the method, so for example if you realise that you need to build a website in a process, you first get the site built or running and then only move on to the next step in the process.

Avoid multi-tasking too many things:

It’s very easy to get under pressure or overloaded if you try to do more than following and executing one step before moving on. For example, a lot of people will try and build a site while building backlinks at the same time (not only is this wrong to do this in terms of SEO, its a sure-fire way of getting confused or get off track as you feel the pressure of the extra workload).

Others will get side-tracked after developing an online store to sell an affiliate products using one method while trying to learn about another method that uses a different site set-up make affiliate commission. Again this is another way that people get bogged down and don’t progress as they are always chasing a new way of doing things (common referred to as the ‘shiny object syndrome’).

Take your time:

If you take extra time to learn and execute the methods, you’ll find internet marketing (whether its your products or as an affiliate) is not as tough as you think in order to make descent money.

Get a great mentor:

Basically, if you find a great mentor, continue to work with that same mentor. They know where you started, and they know how you should continue.

If you want to keep going in the right direction, you shouldn’t keep changing your pathways – as in don’t keep swapping your learning sources. If you’ve bought an training ebook or just joined an new online training academy, follow one at a time. Just tweaking it all to a more narrow learning path will help you immensely and will relieve you of a lot of pressure of trying to learn everything too soon.