Affilorama Training Website For Affiliate Marketers Review

Free affiliate marketing training Affilorama

So today I’d like to show and review for you a great learning resource which I used myself started out in affiliate marketing. It’s membership site called Affilorama and its free to join.

About the creator of Affilorama – Mark Ling

Founded by a highly successful affiliate marketer Mark Ling who has been around for years and is now a millionaire earning status. Mark’s vision for Affilorama was to help newbies up to intermediate affiliate marketers develop and build very successful and highly profitable websites. He executed this vision by having 100+ video lessons all focusing on the process and strategies that he uses.

One thing you should know  – like many that start out in online marketing Mark didn’t just magically appear on the scene as an elite-level super affiliate earner. He was originally a totally broke student just looking to find a better way to earn money. He eventually found that way in  affiliate marketing. Once he worked it all out he being to earn a ton of money –  in fact thousands of dollars every week like clockwork, and he was living like a king and life was sweet…

But then one day the famous ‘Google slap’ ruined all his efforts and his income came crashing down quickly… he actually ended up in the red with massive debt. This was very demoralising experience and its no surprise that he just about gave up on it and moved on. He got to the point where he quit affiliate marketing and went off back to the daily grind of a 9 to 5 day job.

Within a short period of time of taking that day job, Mark realised that he didn’t want to be part that for the rest of his life and made the decision that it was worth giving affiliate marketing another shot, He reviewed all his processes and then dived in to working hard on fixing everything …. and then?

Mark is now living the dream of a multi-millionaire lifestyle as a super affiliate.

What do you get in the Affilorama free membership?

Mark Ling created the free membership to Affilorama so you too have the chance to live the dream life. I’ve checked it out and I highly recommend it.

100+ Free Video Tutorials

After you sign-up to your free membership, you have instant access to an amazing library of over 100+ video tutorials. These are free lessons and cover just about everything you need to know about becoming  a highly successful affiliate marketer.

The video tutorials cover:

  • How to select the BEST profitable products to promote
  • How to build and design successful affiliate websites
  • Get traffic using latest SEO best practices
  • Get paid traffic with paid traffic PPC effectively
  • Outsourcing and how to scale up your business

Marketing Lessons for Newbies and Intermediates

As Affilorama has such a big library that covers 100+ tutorial lessons, it means it has something for everyone. If you’re just starting out in the world of internet marketing, you can should begin at the lessons that are teaching the basics of what affiliate marketing is all about – from how it all works to making money online. You can just work your way up from that starting point.

But if you’re an intermediate marketer then that’s fine too. Mark has ensured more experienced marketers are not excluded in learning anything new with tutorials that have more advanced topics such as the most effective ways to upscale your business and websites so you can expand your business profits further.  So don’t dismiss this free membership site as another newbie site with basic how-to content – its not. It covers topics for everyone involved in affiliate marketing.

Free Forum

Something else I really like about Affilorama is that you get exclusive free access to the main forum.  This is a really useful bonus to me as you get experienced marketing staff  (he only hires the best) that come online to answer question about common and not so common problems. It’s a big this forum is one of the biggest on the interweb for any discussion about affiliate marketing.

NOTE: You Don’t Get It All For Free

As explained above Affilorama’s free membership area is a comprehensive training in affiliate marketing and I’ve used it myself to learn a lot of things when first starting out and I highly recommend you sign-up with a free account to check it all out.  However please be aware that while its great to have all the knowledge needed to a successful affiliate marketer, you still need the ‘tools of the trade’.

This means:

  • Web hosting for your site/s
  • SEO online tools
  • PPC online tools

$1 Trial for Affilorama Tools

The GREAT news is that Affilorama will frequently offer you a trial of the above tools they have for just 1 dollar. ($1.00)  The $1 trial is for the Affilorama premium services subscription, which will give you unrestricted access to all the type of tools above along with some more advanced ‘premium’ training/lessons too. So keep an eye out for these type of offers which they’ll email you about while you enjoy your free membership. I’ve found that after the $1 trial is over, you’ll work out that the time and money you are saving is worth upgrading to full-time subscription. Especially when you are starting out and you don’t have much money to throw around on services that cost more but do the same thing as Affilorama.


Desktop computer displaying Affilorama websiteI’m grateful that a training site like Affilorama was around when I first started out – Mark Ling’s site taught me so much about affiliate marketing the RIGHT way without being scammed (like some other so-called marketing gurus). I’ve found all the training material such as the video tutorials and downloads easy to follow and very enjoyable. It’s  a great way to get valuable insight into a millionaire super affiliate marketer just like Mark Ling.

You can get your free membership by registering here at the home page:

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