3 Key Tips Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions

The great thing about doing  affiliate marketing, is that you don’t have to worry about the need to support customers, produce or keep developing products, maintain customers or deal with refunds. In fact you probably don’t even a website (although it’s little harder to do this – it still can be done).

It’s widely accepted that affiliate marketing is as one of the fastest ways to start up your own work-at-home (or even work anywhere else) online business and make money online selling other people’s or company products.

If you happen to be already registered in a affiliate program or network, then what exactly are you looking to gain from it? There is a great chance that your answer will be that  you’re very interested to double or even triple your commission earnings,  but obviously the big question is: how do you go about getting results like this?

3 Tips To Boost Commissions In Affiliate Marketing

1.  Know everything about the program and product offers

So ultimately, the end goal is to focus on promoting an affiliate partnership,  joint venture or program that gives the best possible return on investment  (ROI) – all done within the shortest amount of time possible. So when choosing the program, you need to closely consider these factors:

  • Be sure to choose a program with a good  commission structure
  • The program should have products that matches the needs of the target audience
  • The affiliate program will pay out it’s marketers smoothly and quickly
  • If your ROI is not increasing, it’s time to stop, re-access and move on.

Keep in mind too, that you have the right to be really picky as you’ll find there are thousands  of affiliate programs to pick from. The ideal selection is going to be the best one that doesn’t end up being just a waste of money spent on advertising.

2.  Content Is KING

Always remember this. The best way to stay ahead of your competition, is to publish quality UNIQUE digital content regularly and monetize with the affiliate offers you have  – so eBooks, articles  or reports that you can use as free giveaways are always going to be great. Be sure to notify your followers across social media, email marketing (see further below about this) run your own ads (Facebook, YouTube google ads and Instagram are the way to go), Also do your own videos – so everyone is aware you have something of value to offer – this will encourage your content to go viral via online social sharing too.

This is important because you’ll be in direct competition with so many others that are marketing or referring the identical product (or one thats similar) as you. If you develop a short piece of content such as a review on the program or product, you then instantly can set yourself apart from the other dozen of affiliates that don’t have quality or unique content.

It’s vital you supply your readers with a review, report or digital book which allows them to take away something of great value. You should include your own recommendations for those products related to what you’ve written about. It’s actually a great way to establish trust with your readers or site visitors – all ust by providing a free ebook, review or report.

3. Build Your Own List 

Yes it’s true – the money is in the list. Using your own free giveaway content as incentive to join your email subscribers list is great way to build your list very quickly so you can utilise the powerful online money making method of email marketing. This will assist you to engage better with your followers in a more of 1-on-1 type of communication.

Essentially, how it works by collecting and saving your visitor’s email addresses and then sending them a link to download a free copy of your e-book or report. Of course, they’ll need to permit you to send them emails. Be sure to have an opt-in section on your page for them to submit their details usually first name and email address.

You should note that it can take several emails before a person converts to a buyer. Don’t assume your wasting time sending these emails out because you just don’t know at what point an email in that sequence will stick with your reader to make the decision to buy or sign-up to the offer you’re promoting.

You can also use the email to follow-up with your subscribers to learn more about what exactly it might be that they’re looking for from you or your offers.

So learn everything you can about all the different affiliate programs / products out there as well as what your audience is looking for. You then push these to your list via email marketing campaigns, which ultimately means you can increase the money you find coming in your commission payout checks!

Here are some of the all time BEST affiliate marketing networks and programs where you have hundreds of products to promote under their partner / JV programs:

Just Google these they’ll come up as first items:

  • ClickBank (all main niches in digital information products)
  • Warrior Plus (Internet Marketing)
  • Amazon Affiliate Partners (Physical products)
  • Click Funnels (Recurring monthly commissions – which are the best)
  • Market Health (supplements, skin care, diet)

Here are 2 affiliate programs I’ve been promoting myself which has multi-level commission payouts for every referral:  



The Art Of Marketing Campaigns & How To Make Them Profitable

Business woman looking happy about her marketing campaign

A Marketing Campaign’s Aim Is To Connect and Convert

The majority of marketing campaigns will burn out quickly if its not making any impact or just not that interesting. Tens of thousands of messages are all trying to connect  to their targeted audience or potential leads. Knowing that fact,  it’s clear that you need to stand out from the start.

What you need to do is make the message so that it speaks with the customer and will connect. Solid, imaginative, confident and also interesting are the vital variables that a message need to have, as that will certainly install it right into the customer’s mind. This allows them to remember your service or product for a long time. You must make the potential buyer feel equipped and ready to take action.

For instance, there is the famous Nike’s line is ‘Simply Do It‘ slogan. It’s a tagline that has such a wonderful impact on the connecting minds of the people with their brand globally.  They are so used to that line even when speaking about everything else, along with Nike items. It is noticeable that by including particular attributes, the advertising and marketing effectiveness can be increased.

Use Visuals In Your Campaigns

Scientists accept the reality that using visuals to make an individual learn something is the most effective way. This is true for more than any other method. It also rings true of one of the well-known sayings that claiming goes ‘photo speaks a thousand words’.

So the best wager is to add visuals to promote advertising. Visuals can be anything like photos, computer animations, or graphics. See for yourself what wonder it does by putting an image of an attractive  looking representative who relates to the audience and product on the company’s site. This not only brings the clients close yet likewise strengthens the partnership.

Use Of Colour In Messaging

Different shades show different sorts of feelings. Messages can be supplied to individuals suing shades and also definition can be added to it. Red and blue are colors you can use to present messages to encourage  consumers to buy. Bright yellows can catch the attention of your audience very effectively. The bright green color pallette is associated with environmental friendliness and also reflects wellness. Green is also associated with money and also healthy foods, so it can be used in food product ads.

Black shades shows strength as well as power that is why it has been made use of by Jaguar, you’ll see this on their website background as well as most ads. Wealth and aristocracy implies purple. Colors used on business cards can also be utilized to attract the clients. However the color schemes need to be thoroughly tested with to get it right. Using way too much can be distracting or just too overbearing.

A professional graphic designer who specialises in color design can be used for picking colors for calling cards, site typeface, website colors, logo, and so on, to send the right message. On websites, font styles can be added which alter colors as well as graphics that relocate.

The Power Of Video Marketing

When it comes to digital technology, you have a great deal of choices readily available. In addition, the big positive is that the majority of the choices are inexpensive while being easy to utilise. Video as well as audio can be contributed to your web site or ads to get your target audience’s attention.

A good example is when a person visits the Pepsi homepage, they are greeted with energised music, which draws in teen demographics almost instantly. To this even more effective,  many companies like Pepsi use a welcome message, introduction video clip, interviews, or in some case how the goods are generated. Listening to a voice can be extremely touching. This way you end up developing a rapport with the site visitor. Another great example is the Adidas website. It opens with a video clip which truly fits their punchline difficult is nothing.

Just noting the advantages isn’t enough. Clients want a lot more, they desire their requirements to be fulfilled. Like if some is thinking about purchasing an exercise equipment, don’t just say that the device has a LCD display, auto-recliner or cooling down device. You need to say something like there is a feature with audio personal training.  This will suggest that it can motivate the individual to exercise. It’s implying that its going to help anyone to get out of their comfy chair and to begin sweating it out. So communicate why the customer must make use of the product, be extra precise.

Keep Things Original In Your Marketing Campaigns

Originality is the biggest and vital of all factors. Not only must the services and products be unique, the message must be very distinct and stand out. Not only will your campaign initiative be more effective in converting people to buyers, the perception will last a lot longer in the viewers mind and are more likely to spread or share your words to their friends and family of your offer or product.

Bloggers Use Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers LOVE getting revenue from affiliate marketing

Usually bloggers (either online business owners, hobbyists, work-at-home moms, or writers) will just monetize their blogs with Adsense banners, CPA offers – just to pick up some extra cash on the side to pay bills etc. But it’s now catching on that another common way to do it is with fully affiliate marketing.

Most bloggers these days recognise it’s an effective way to generate revenue. The amount of revenue generated by a blog featuring affiliate marketing links may vary significantly depending on the amount of traffic the blog receives as well as the compensation offered for the affiliate marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing Works for Bloggers

As most internet marketers know, it essentially entails just creating a link on the blog to another company’s website. The other company then compensates the blog owner according to a previously agreed upon contract. This compensation may be awarded in a number of different ways.

The blog owner may be compensated each time the advertisement is served, each time a unique website visitor clicks through the advertisement or each time a blog visitor performs a desired action such as making a purchase or registering with the website.

Today I’ve written a post that shows some aspects of affiliate marketing which bloggers should know about  including selecting offers carefully, maximizing the income potential for these opportunities and understanding the requirements associated with these affiliate marketing opportunities.

Selecting Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

There is a wide variety of affiliate marketing opportunities available. Many different companies and websites offer affiliate marketing opportunities. In most cases the blog owner simply needs to submit the website address of his blog along with some other basic information for approval. In most cases the company is not likely to reject the application unless the content of the website is deemed to be objectionable or otherwise in conflict of interest with the companyís goals.

However, although getting approved to display affiliate links on your website is a rather simple process, this does not mean blog owners should select these affiliate marketing opportunities without discretion. It is a far better idea to carefully select affiliate marketing opportunities with companies who are of interest to the target audience of the blog.

A well focused blog that is reaching a specific target audience should seek to display marketing links directing the website traffic to companies which complement the blog without acting as direct competition to the blog. This helps to ensure the blog visitors will not only be interested in the affiliate marketing links and therefore more likely to click on the links but will also help to ensure the blog visitors do not find the affiliate marketing links to be bothersome.

Maximizing Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Once blog owners have selected affiliate marketing opportunities it is time to consider how they can maximize the profit generated by these links. There are a couple of critical factors which blog owners should carefully consider to help maximize their profit from affiliate marketing. This includes regularly evaluating the effectiveness of the affiliate links and promoting the blog to maximize traffic.

Blog owners who incorporate affiliate marketing into their blog should regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the affiliate links. This can be done by comparing the percentage of blog visitors who click on the affiliate links to the overall blog traffic. A blog which has high traffic but a relatively small percentage of visitors who click on the affiliate links should consider making changes to attempt to entice more blog visitors to click on the links.

These changes can involve the aesthetics, size or location of the advertisements. Making only one change at a time is recommended because it makes it easier for the blog owner to evaluate which changes are most beneficial.

Blog owners can also help to maximize the profit from their affiliate marketing opportunities by doing self promotion to drive additional website to the blog. This will likely be beneficial because higher website traffic will generally translate to greater profit from affiliate marketing. Additionally, the blog owner may want to occasionally mention companies for which they are an affiliate to generate interest in the advertisements on the website.

Understand the promotional requirements of offers

Lastly, blog owners should pay careful attention to the affiliate marketing agreements they enter. This is important because some companies may place restrictions on the usage of a link to their website. This may include restrictions such as avoiding objectionable content, not including links or advertisements for direct competitors or restrictions on the appearance of the affiliate links. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the blog losing affiliate privileges and the blog owner being denied compensation. Type of restrictions specified by the vendor could include no email marketing, social media or offering additional incentives to purchase something.

5 Step Action Plan To Excel At Online Marketing For Your Business

Without question the one thing right now that’s emerging as critical in the success of your business its going to be your online or digital marketing efforts. Not only that, but your lack of knowledge about exactly where to start or what to do can hinder any success you have .The whole process can be very confusing and many feel overwhelmed. So its usually best that you think think things through prior to any kind of formalised strategy – which is usually done by putting in place an easy to follow digital marketing action plan.

So why create an action plan?

Many small businesses will rush in all ‘gun-ho’ when it comes to  starting out online or doing digital marketing without thinking things through and careful thought about what they’re doing or their objectives. These days getting a website up along with Facebook page can be quick and easy and many will think you just need to sit back, relax and wait for the customers to starting calling or emailing.

The reality is this won’t happen unless you’ve got it all mapped out what you’re realistically wanting to achieve from all your digital marketing tasks before you even start. If you put together a basic easy to follow strategy, you’ll empower yourself to take daily focused action and in turn you’ll maximise to get successful results.

Step 1: Do your market research

The first phase in any form of marketing is to collect as much data or info on your target audience base as possible. Things like what exactly motivates them? who are they? But the most important one: where are they hanging out online – such as forum or Facebook groups or websites?

Step 2: Set your overall objective/goals

The very next step is to make a decision on precisely what you want to achieve from all your digital marketing campaign. 

So an overall goal or object might be:

“Generate 50 new leads each month and convert at least 20 of those leads into new customers.”

Step 3: Choose your channels

Based on the information you now have, you then decide on what digital/online marketing channels you will use in getting to your goals.

Typically you would use:

  • Online social media – Facebook groups or pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat etc…
  • Websites and/or Forums
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing (such lead gen opt-in pages with free report giveaways)

You should then set a specific objective key performance indicator for each of the chosen channel/campaigns.

For example:

  • “Increase the business website traffic by 35% before the end of January 2018”
  • “Add 1000 new subscribers to our email newsletter monthly subscriptions and have conversion rate of a least 10% into paying customers
  • “Generate 400 new leads from Facebook ads within the next 60 days”

Step 4. Plan your actions

This is where it gets more precise and detailed about you propose to do. You break down your overall objectives into tasks for each day, week and month.  Ensure that your task actions are realistic and you can manage them ok without it hindering your other day-to-day business operations and you become overwhelmed.

Step 5. Closely monitor results

It’s vital that you always measure your progress and results carefully. This is so you can adjust or tweak anything that is not working right.  To do this so you need to choose the best in online tracking tools. So tracking your website traffic volumes you use Google Analytics, or email marketing results could be measured (such as open or click rates) via your auto-responder platform (e.g. Aweber).

Path To Affiliate Marketing Success With YouTube

It’s easy to assume that the best way to do affiliate marketing is via e-mail list. While there is plenty of truth with this (especially if you have big list) as affiliate email marketing is highly effective way of selling products with a personal and trustworthy messages.  It’s certainly a long-term method to market which can be recurring, it’s very much like having money on tap!

But as good as marketing to an email is, it doesn’t have to be the only way to promote affiliate offers or products. Probably the most effective method going around today is video marketing. In some special cases, it can be more successful than traditional email marketing – depending on the type of product and the niche you are targeting.

Why Does Video Marketing Work So Great?

Video marketing offers you many benefits and cheap advantages which makes it perfect for promoting affiliate products.

Firstly, video marketing is a method you can utilise very fast to capture a big audience coverage quickly. If you go about setting up the video post correctly to YouTube suchoose the right title, subject and description, then even without having built an audience prior, you can immediately get a thousand views or several.

What’s more though, is that video marketing allows you to very quickly build trust and convince someone to buy. This works incredibly well because people get to actually see you and they get to hear you talk about why the product is so good. Instead of being an anonymous testimonial, this is now a testimonial from someone they can actually see, who seems to be honest and who is even able to demonstrate evidence of what they’re saying potentially.

Then, all you need to do is to include your link in the description or to talk about going to your site (which will act as a landing page) and you can start generating lots of big sales.

YouTube Marketing Tips

Here are some YouTube tips for affiliate marketing success to help you get this all going are:

  • Keep your video looking professional but don’t make it look too ‘slick’ or fake looking
  • Your dress code should be smart, but avoid wearing a suit otherwise you’ll appear like a try hard
  • Have a top quality camera
  • Make the effort to come across as likeable with personality
  • Give your audience some real good value that provides free tips and quality advice
  • Choose a product that you really believe works – it definitely will help you sell it better and appear more genuine even if you’re just acting a little

So if you follow these basic tips doing affiliate marketing via Youtube like I have over the years, you’ll find that your video views count will keep going up along with your site traffic and ultimately your affiliate commissions!

How To Deal With Information Overload

Yes, it does happen to us all at some point – information overload. It’s something we as internet marketers have to deal with and trying to overcome it can be very hard. This is especially the case for newbies who are very keen to jump head first in learning 10 things at the same time but end up being overwhelmed with it all.

There is a ton of information that you need to know when developing an internet business, and usually a newbie will give up when they find it all too hard to absorb and then overcome the shear volume of the information that are trying read, practice and get it all working for making money online.

Information overload defined

Information overload is when you are reading and learning a whole lot of new things (and includes researching, practicing your new knowledge) but then end up only to find yourself mentally fatigued and confused with being swamped with so much information.

How do you overcome information overload?

Overcoming information overload isn’t not all that difficult, but it can still take some time in order to finally beat the confusion and all the complications of learning too much in a short time.

Learn one thing at a time:

The best way to overcome the trap of overloading yourself with information is to take it all in one by one. This takes out that confusing state of mind by trying to learn it all at once. Don’t confuse yourself or burn so much mental energy by trying to learning it all at once.

You should also stop yourself from trying to follow multiple methods (unless of course you are an experienced marketer and know how to integrate new things into your current practice of doing things). Those fairly new to internet marketing should avoid using different methods at the same time and follow only one until you’ve mastered it and can see results.

This applies too for skipping steps in the method, so for example if you realise that you need to build a website in a process, you first get the site built or running and then only move on to the next step in the process.

Avoid multi-tasking too many things:

It’s very easy to get under pressure or overloaded if you try to do more than following and executing one step before moving on. For example, a lot of people will try and build a site while building backlinks at the same time (not only is this wrong to do this in terms of SEO, its a sure-fire way of getting confused or get off track as you feel the pressure of the extra workload).

Others will get side-tracked after developing an online store to sell an affiliate products using one method while trying to learn about another method that uses a different site set-up make affiliate commission. Again this is another way that people get bogged down and don’t progress as they are always chasing a new way of doing things (common referred to as the ‘shiny object syndrome’).

Take your time:

If you take extra time to learn and execute the methods, you’ll find internet marketing (whether its your products or as an affiliate) is not as tough as you think in order to make descent money.

Get a great mentor:

Basically, if you find a great mentor, continue to work with that same mentor. They know where you started, and they know how you should continue.

If you want to keep going in the right direction, you shouldn’t keep changing your pathways – as in don’t keep swapping your learning sources. If you’ve bought an training ebook or just joined an new online training academy, follow one at a time. Just tweaking it all to a more narrow learning path will help you immensely and will relieve you of a lot of pressure of trying to learn everything too soon.

6 Great Ways To Make Money With PLR

If your hard drive looks anything like mine, chances are that you have a massive  amount of PLR (Private Label Rights) content sitting on it. But unlike me, you’re probably not doing anything with any of it! Ok so now I  bet you are thinking –  ‘so what? No one makes money with PLR anyway right?


There is a ton of money you’re missing out on with PLR. This is a sad fact amongst most marketers – they don’t ever use the PLR they’ve been collecting to make a profit. The big problem is that a lot of those new to marketing don’t fully understand to execute it properly to use in their online business and make money with it.

So today I’m going to show you my 6 main ways that I use the PLR content that I’ve downloaded to help me make great money online.

1. Make Your Own YouTube Videos

By using Prezi, Slides, Powerpoint or any other mainstream presentation online site, it’s very simple to copy any PLR on a specific topic and convert it over into highly engaging videos.

Then all you need to do is drop in a voiceover, upload and publish to your Youtube channel. You can then use some very simple ways to drive free traffic to your youtube video, (which will be highly targeted traffic if you’ve set up the description the right way) and then in turn you’ll get free clicks back to your site or landing pages.

2. Create your own hot-selling branded products

Combine PLR from multiple sources to produce a high-quality/value-packed course, ebook, video series, webinar or anything else that you can think of.

Creating products is a lot easier than you think, and can generate never-ending streams of passive income.

3. Plug them into your autoresponder email follow-up series

It’s VERY easy to divide up PLR content into chunks of  easy  and enjoyable to read, short and informative messages to mail out to your subscribers. Usually 1 or 2 per day. (usually 1 is fine).

All you need to do is really focus on delivering quality in your emails while keeping each of those emails very short (try to keep it around 300 to 500 words depending on what your’e talking about). It’s important you tweak the content where its needed so that it reflects your own personal style that represents your own voice.

4.  Make bonus packages to paid products

We all know as marketers we love bonuses. It usually means the difference to getting someone to buy through your affiliate link or someone else and in many case in can be the deal sealer to buy your premium product/s. It’s very easy to re-package or bundle a series of PLR products to make very attractive bonus deals. This makes it hard for your buyers or subscribers to resist not buying things via you (usually sooner rather than later)..

Even better, if you throw in special unannounced bonuses for a purchased product at the actual download page.

As they say the sky really IS the limit !!

5. Use as great viral giveaway reports

This is well-known practice amongst list builders that’s really simple and effective – which goes something like this …

1. Using 1 or multiple PLR products, make a concise ebook short report (around 15 pages) about a popular topic that offers a solution. Then re-brand it so it matches you or your own blog or site.

B.  Set up a landing page on your site that has an list opt-in form to access to the short-report

C. Then promote the crap out of the report squeeze page on social media channels, Facebook groups, forums and other sources like YouTube video. Encourage others to do the same.

C. Done. You’ll now have more subscribers on your list (or should).

What you’re also doing is building a ton of authority along with brand awareness of you within the niche you are targeting. The free traffic comes in virally for many months after the first big push to get the free report known out there.

6. Great for using as membership site content

Membership site or site accessed based on monthly subscriptions,  is one of the ultimate ways to building long-term recurring passive income.

You need to keep in mind that providing your subscribers a TON of value will help you in retaining your membership base as the high value will justify the on-going subscription cost for your subscribers..

PLR easily gives you all the source content that you’ll ever need in your niche. Just utilise it straight way!

So using these 6 ways like I do, you can see how easy it is to get PLR sitting collecting dust on your PC drive can really work for you to make you money.

So no excuses get to work with that PLR now! 🙂

Five Tips To Get More Free Traffic From YouTube

When I first got into video marketing on YouTube, I always had that nagging thought about getting free traffic on YouTube – the question I would ask is – is it as easy as everyone makes out to be? Yes. There is no question, if you use it properly, Youtube will deliver you more free, laser-targeted traffic than you ever hoped to get.

The key is to make your videos position well with proper set up of the keywords and phrases linked to the video so its really searchable and comes up in lots of searches. This is done based on specific keywords and phrases, and ultimately search volume. So for example, just say you’ve got a blog specifically about collecting science fiction action figures. So what you might do is upload and post a YouTube video all about your recent visit to a major ‘Sci-Fi’ event and because you didn’t need to put time into preparing any special kind of script or even do any production work, any creation and editing of the video becomes very easy to do.

Now, let’s just say you did some quick editing of the great video footage you did at the event, and then post a video to your channel on youtube. What you do is put specific keywords in the description like ‘comic book collecting’, ‘comic book fans’ and then include a link along with a detailed text description (like an article on the event written by you). If you spend time doing this then you’ll find that your video will start showing up in youtube search results for those terms or related to that topic.

Videos you upload and optimise like the above is also going to rank very quickly on Google’s search results, this is largely  due to the fact that Youtube is actually owned by Google, so your video also gets indexed fast and starts ranking on Google’s own search results. It may take time for your videos to get showing up as number 1 or near the top, but you can be certain, no matter where your video ranks, your’e bound to get quite a lot of clicks.

Let’s say you get 200 unique visits to your blog as a result of the video clicks or views, (which is fairly realistic – around 10 to 20 views per day could get you this blog visits figure). That could mean if you had 10 or 20 of these type of traffic generating videos that did the same thing.. you could be get close to 800 laser-targeted visitors per month – for free.

So you can start to see the amazing power of Youtube for free traffic right? Now that I’ve explained to you fundamental of how this works with getting free traffic from YouTube, here are 5 tips that I use all the time for my videos:

1. Focus on going viral

The best way to get your videos go viral is social media sharing. Forums specific to your niche is also great for getting your viewers to your videos. You should also mention it to other sites (where people will see it and be interested in it). This promotes sharing and social engagement, leading to the a viral effect. So the golden rule is the more social signals, the better the number!

2. Keep it professional

In other words, pay attention to making the video picture and sound quality is top notch. This is in turn will go a long way. You’ll find quite a lot of free tool and editors out there that can help you – so really make an effort to use them. I’ve supplied a list at the end of this post to help you in that area.

3. Keep it short and aim to entertain

Most people these days don’t have much time nor the attention span to spend watching or reading hours of content. In fact even 10 minutes is too long. Getting distracted online is very easy. So avoid videos that could be boring or is too complicated to understand – it won’t matter how greatly informative the content is. No one will watch or be interested in sharing your video with others. So keep it simple, interesting and straight to the point.

4. Make sure your viewers are aware of your brand/logo

This is easily achieved with floating watermarks or inserting frames that has starting or ending titles.  You can also float your logo on the bottom or top left corner of the vide – that usually works well.

5. Promote the option to subscribe to your channel

It’s very important you emphasis or make a call to action in the video to subscribe to your channel (either mention it or put in a banner title during the editing of the video). This ensures your videos will appear in the visitors YT home page feed after they subscribe, in other words you’ll get returning visitors and loyal following!


The 3 Key Criteria Of Profitable Niches

Deciding on a market sector in which you can build/monetise websites or blogs, create digital information products or any other money making activity is actually fairly straight forward. Everywhere you look online you’ll get a lot of ideas. The key to it all is selecting a market that has a top chance of always being a highly profitable niche and is evergreen. Below are 3 key indicators that I’ve broken down and give you a better idea of what to pursue further before diving in deep. It could save you a lot of  hours or even days in wasted research time. Following these indicators is something that has worked for me over the years.

Every time you start a brand new campaign in a fresh market you haven’t done before you need to remember that it takes t just as much time and effort in order to create something in a highly profitable market than a low one.  The product end result might be different but you still follow the same process or amount of time to produce it.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why you’d want to take some time to identify the profit potential of a market before you start building anything. The small amount of time you take up front can save you weeks of wasted effort.

Key Criteria #1: Are there buyers?

The first indicator that a market will be profitable is whether or not there are buyers in that market. In other words, are people actually buying stuff related to that market?

You can quickly determine would what it is from these main source that I use (most other marketers use):

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Google search results (just by looking at the number of paid ads competing on page 1)

eBay, Amazon and ClickBank can usually tell you either way if you’ll get high demand products to sell  in the niche you’re targeting and if so, you’ll see how well they’re selling. If you check the paid ads in the Google search results this will give you a very accurate indication of the competition. If there are lots of ads you know its in demand and more than likely profitable. There’s a very good chance people are buying from those sellers since they wouldn’t be paying for ads otherwise.

Key Criteria #2: Are they printing magazines about that topic?

The 2nd key indicator of any profitable niche or market is the print magazines coverage on that topic. If there is a big mag coverage – as in more than a couple, that’s a very good indication of money spending in that market. Consider too that printing is high cost, so they only get published in markets when it makes financial sense to do so.

Key Criteria #3: Is there enough demand?

The 3rd key indicator in any profitable market is the ongoing demand for information about that topic or subject. If the subject is happens to be something that most people will want to keep going on to learn more, or maybe even there is a lot of sub-topics or sub-niches (often referred to as a micro-niches) that you could take on as a campaign, then that’s great news as it means its better than a niche that has a limited opportunities.

So what I mean by that is this – say if someone is on Google looking for information about how to stop snoring and then they find a product that solves their snoring problem. Then that’s it. They wont need any more solutions to offer them as the problem they have is fixed.

But let’s say that you are looking at a big evergreen niche such as the health and fitness niche (which is a much broader market) it would have a lot of different sub-topics. So a person looking for guidance on how to lose to weight, for example, would more than likely be very interested in knowing about healthy foods or recipes, fitness training programs and progress on to seej a variety of  advanced information – way after they achieved their initial goal of losing weight.

7 Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

Ever thought of becoming a digital nomad? What is a digital nomad anyway?

By definition:

Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely—generally from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces and even recreational vehicles—to accomplish tasks and goals that traditionally took place in a single, stationary workplace.

Source: Wikipedia – Digital Nomad

So in a nutshell…this is someone who works to  make their living being online (i.e. in the digital space), which thereby gives them the advantage and therefore freedom to travel the world and while work from anywhere they choose (usually for not that long per day) whether that is a coffee shop or a bar on the beach.

If you happen to be still undecided about living this fantastic lifestyle, then hopefully these 7 benefits will help you to make your mind up and take it on!

The 7 benefits of a free working Digital Nomad:

#1 – You’ll see the world

Obvious this is the biggest benefit of being a digital nomad, you have the freedon to see the world and travel afar.  There is so much out there to do or wonderful to see, knowing that – why would you want to be just restricted to being in one city, town or country?

#2 You’ll find yourself are more worldly person

When you start to travel you’ll begin to notice something… you start become a better and more interesting person. That’s something travel does – it opens your mind to the world to outside your own domain and which helps you to know your place in the world that much better. People will also enjoy more talking to you and be impressed by how well you know about different cultures as well as the different experiences!

#3 You become wiser

You also learn a lot when traveling and not only just that – you learn to be more courageous and more independent. This will improve every aspect of your life (both work and socially) when you return back to your own country!

#4. Experience true freedom

They say in most western democratic countries, that we were born to be free and make our own decisions, yet many of us feel trapped in world bounded by responsibilities or other work commitments within one geographic location. Can you imagine for a second just what it feels like to be totally free and have the liberal feeling to get up and go anywhere you choose or like to go? Don’t you think this is his something that you’d like to exeperience  least experience at least once in your working lifetime?

#5. You’ll be impressing a lot of people

Look, we shouldn’t do things just to impress other people. But the reaction you’ll get as a digital nomad is truely amazing. People admire that you have taken the initiative to not only start your own online business but the fact you’ve also to take it on the road and see the world at the same time. It’s inspiring and the sense of pride that comes from that is well-deserved and a great feeling!

#6. You meet the most amazing people

When you travel, there is an incredible sense of camaraderie and youíll find that you meet some amazing people and make life-long friends. It’s an amazing feeling and definitely worth the trip!

#7. You’ll have the best online social account photos

Ok, I guess this isn’t the best or  primary motivation to start traveling. But it sure is a really cool benefit! Be prepared for your Facebook to be full of likes, shares, comments and just total awesomeness. And you’ll have plenty of amazing photos to look back on too 🙂

So there you have it. Being digital nomad has amazing benefits. To learn about reaching your freedom in 7 steps get a copy of my FREE report below by signing up to my email updates.